Elegant Spaces in Lovely Places: The Trump Hotel in Washington DC

Elegant Spaces in Lovely Places: The Trump Hotel in Washington DC

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It was a cold January day in 2017 when my husband and I met up with our DC friends to gather with thousands of other Americans on the National Mall in Washington DC. Despite the mid-Atlantic winter and light drizzle, we were thrilled to be standing united with the cheering crowd to honor a sacred right of passage for our nation’s senior leadership. It was my first Presidential Inauguration to attend in person, and I was savoring every moment. 

As President Trump stepped into his place of honored responsibility, dozens of cannons boomed in the air reverberating this historic occasion. Sincere prayers were spoken from the platform, shouts from the attendees cried in unison, and the drizzle tapered off for a just few moments. Finally, a reverent hush fell over the crowd as the transition into a new political era in the United States began.

Regardless of one’s personal political beliefs, attending Inauguration Day in Washington DC is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one that any American would be honored to participate in. While it’s an important ceremony to watch online or on television, it takes on a whole new level of wonder and appreciation when experienced personally. To hear and see and touch and feel every moment of history unfolding is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable opportunities any sincere citizen of this country could ever have. I know I’m grateful for that experience.

A few days after the Inauguration, my husband and I had another unique opportunity open up for us through my husband’s business. As a travel consultant for ProTravel International headquartered in New York and owner of JSO Travel, Jeff had booked an on-site meeting with the director of sales at the Trump Hotel in Washington DC. Since I manage all the online content for JSO Travel, I was able to tag along and take some photos of this beautiful property!

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Originally built in 1899 as the central post office for the nation’s capital, the Trump Hotel is rich in history and architectural wealth. Renovated and reopened in 2016 – just months before the Inauguration – this elegant five-star hotel features a 9-story Grand Lobby, 263 guest rooms and suites, Presidential Ballroom, Lincoln Library, Franklin Study, and Spa by Ivanka Trump. The property offers classic quality service, catering to a variety of guest needs including a special program for kids and pets. Situated on Pennsylvania Avenue, the Trump Hotel sits right in the middle of the city’s action and provides one of the most convenient and luxurious accommodations in all of DC. 

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In true form to the Trump brand, the DC hotel celebrates luxury, excellence, and quality. Designed by Ivanka Trump herself, the hotel decor reflects elegant refinement in every space. An airy composition of blue, metallic, glass, metal, wood, and white adorn the hotel interiors, starting from the Grand Lobby and winding all the way through the ornate suites. The feel is crisp, clean, modern, sleek, and light. The Grand Lobby itself is one of the most tastefully luxurious lounge areas I’ve seen in a five-star property and is open to both hotel and dining guests. 

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The Trump Hotel features fine dining, thanks to BLT Prime, Benjamin Bar and Lounge, and Sushi Nakazawa--all restaurants located just off the Grand Lobby. Dining guests can enjoy delicious menus and tasty offerings all throughout the day from morning breakfast to an evening meal. My husband and I tested the BLT Prime for brunch and couldn’t have been more pleased. We sat on the upstairs floor overlooking the light-filled Grand Lobby while savoring a large cup of coffee along with an outstanding Apple Brioche French Toast. To this day, I say without hesitation that their French toast was one of the most delicious breakfast items I’ve ever had. It was incredible! 

On a side note, I recently discovered the Trump International Hotel DC also serves Afternoon High Tea Thursday through Sunday from 1:00-4:00. As you may have guessed, a lady’s tea party at the Trump with my local friend is on my bucket list for our next visit into the city. 

If you haven’t ventured yet to Washington DC, I suggest booking your tickets as soon as you possibly can. (For corporate or luxury leisure travel, contact Jeff at info@jsotravel.com.) With all the free museums, attractions, and history lessons, DC is sure to be one of your favorite adventures of all time. And when you go, add the Trump Hotel to your itinerary, even if just for a coffee or tea with a friend. You’ll return home with a memory of elegant spaces in lovely places!

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