A Dreamy Escape for Two in Punta Cana

A Dreamy Escape for Two in Punta Cana

A Dreamy Escape for Two in Punta Cana

As my husband has been building his travel consulting business, I’ve had the unique opportunity to travel with him all over the globe, helping him manage his brand’s online content. We are in the pre-kid season of our marriage, and we’re living it up! I was one of those girls that didn’t date much during my single years; instead, I spent a lot of time developing my skills and talents while praying and waiting for the right one. And when God finally brought Jeff along, I couldn’t have asked for someone more suited to my global mindset and creative personality. We are truly a team in every sense of the word!

Our team spirit has showcased itself in everything we do—from building our house and launching our own ministry to fusing our talents together in business. This team-building approach to marriage has worked well in our favor, as we’ve been able to enjoy life and all our work and ministry responsibilities together—regardless of where in the world we might be at the moment! Our journey together has taken us to some pretty exciting places so far, and for that, I am thankful.

Like many married couples, we enjoy quiet getaway trips to a lovely beach destination whenever possible. We’re currently exploring the Caribbean and Hawaiian islands, becoming more acquainted with the tropical culture and most attractive properties. Nothing quite captures the heart and the imagination like turquoise waters and white sandy beaches—especially when enjoyed by a young married couple deeply in love.


In the past two years, our adventures have taken us twice to the Caribbean port of Punta Cana, a popular beach town for American tourists in the Dominican Republic. Out of all the Caribbean destinations, Punta Cana ranks as one of the most affordable and accessible for Americans. The DR offers plenty of beautiful beaches, all-inclusive family resorts, and water sport activities. So even if your budget is more conservative and you want to take your kids with you, a week in the Caribbean isn’t out of reach if you aim for this easy-going Hispanic port.

Punta Cana is also celebrated as a golfer’s destination with 10 courses located along the resort-town’s coastal strip. It is also one of several popular beach towns across the DR and boasts a range of properties catering to a variety of guests. With ample coconut palms providing shade from the afternoon heat and rhythmic waves of teal hitting the shoreline, any traveler seeking a little rest and relaxation will find something to satisfy their beach-loving sensibilities in Punta Cana.

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Jeff in Punta Cana
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During our travels to the DR, we tested out two properties and found the Dreams Resort and Spa to be our favorite. The grounds were well-groomed and offered a serene tropical atmosphere with their own family of flamingos and peacocks, a Koi pond, and lush gardens. The rooms were neat and comfortable, while some suites feature an outdoor balcony jacuzzi. We found this amenity to be incredibly relaxing, and we took full advantage of the jacuzzi almost every night before we went to sleep. (Seriously, if you’re needing to unwind, try a day out sitting by the beach, wading through the teal waters, and then winding down the evening with a dip in your own private balcony jacuzzi! You may never want to leave this place again.)

Dreams Interior.jpg
Dreams Balcony Jacuzzi.jpg
Dreams Landscape 2.jpg



If you’re feeling a bit adventurous and want to explore life outside the resort, we recommend hiring a private guided day tour into the capital city of Santo Domingo. Here, you can gain a better sense of local life and come home with a better global perspective of the economic and national issues facing the country. While the resorts claim glammed-up luxury, the rest of the island struggles with an acute sense of poverty. In fact, while talking to our tour guide, we discovered that the second-most important city to the Dominicans after Santo Domingo isn’t in their own country, but rather the multi-cultural enclave of New York City. Due to the job shortage and pervasive economic problems, many Dominicans relocate to New York, finding entry level jobs in the US economy, and working hard to send money back home to support their families in the DR. 

It’s hard to understand the destitution of the local life here until you can see it first-hand. Therefore, we recommend a day-trip into the city not only for the cultural and historical value, but also for the humanitarian perspective. A trip into the capital is sure to open your heart in compassion to the people of this beautiful island.

Columbus Memorial 2.jpg
Columbus Memorial.jpg



Perhaps one of the greatest treasure-finds of an excursion into Santo Domingo is a stop at the Christopher Columbus Memorial. Yes, that’s right—the one and only Christopher Columbus not only lived on this island but is also purportedly buried right here in this world-wide celebrated Mausoleum. Now that’s something your kids can report in history class!

Dreams Entrance.jpg

No matter if you’re traveling with the kids or looking for a romantic hideaway with your love, you’ll be sure to find something that sets your sails in Punta Cana. We prefer it as a dreamy destination for romance, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy escaping to this sunny resort town as much as we did! 


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